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ABOUT F3Fit provides in person fitness classes as well as virtual. It came about after spending 5 years of personal training and running Boot Camp style workouts. Many people asked me about my personal fitness and how I transformed to the way I look now. Many people were either unable to join me in my outdoor camps or wanted something different. So F3Fit was created. Here, I want to not only give you the tools to transform your body, but the spiritual guidance to help you transform on the inside as well. My personal programs offer both High Intensity style training with little to no equipment along with scriptures and inspiration to help you along your healthy journey.

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Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of F3Fit

Hi, my name is Michelle Long, I'm a 53 year old wife, mother to two adult children and an avid outdoor person. I love hiking, white water rafting, canoeing, and most outdoor sports.


I've been a certified personal trainer for over 5 years, however my journey to training started many years prior. After marrying my Highschool sweetheart at 20 years old (I was in HS, he was actually in college) and having 2 children, I noticed my body had made some significant changes.  I wasn't like 100 lbs overweight, but my pant size definitely increased by a couple of sizes and I just felt unmotivated and tired and beat down from the busyness of all that comes with being a FT employer, wife and mother.


 That's when I started making positive changes to my physical and spiritual health. This included utilizing programs online to become more informed about proper technique and how to get the "look" I desired. There wasn't nearly as much available online then as it is today. So I read everything I could get my eyes on about fitness, nutrition, supplements, etc. If it had anything to do with looking and feeling better, then I probably read it.

After a couple of years of hard work and learning proper techniques, I was seeing real results! The awesome part, those results weren't just physical (although really nice!) they were mental as well. I thought if I could help others feel the confidence I felt, then it would be selfish for me not to share my knowledge. So eventually I took the plunge to become a CPT.


I started providing boot camp style workouts in the parking lot of my church - which I still do, but now I'm offering not only in-person training, but online training as well.


So earlier I mentioned the spiritual part of my journey, well that's also a huge part of my growth. Along with my personal plans, you also receive scriptures and inspiration in my plans to help you spiritually as well as physically.

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